Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a degree that allows for protracted and thorough creative study and practice in the art studio. Students will be exposed to a broad repertoire of contemporary art practices and have the option of specializing in certain studio art areas. The degree is designed for those wanting to develop a professional practice in the studio art. The culminating experience is an exhibition of artwork.

All incoming majors will be enrolled in the BA in Art. If students are interested in enrolling in the BFA in Art degree, they should contact a full-time faculty member to make arrangements for a portfolio review in their third year, or in their first semester of residency for transfer students, after the student has successfully completed all lower division requirements (or its equivalent) with a GPA of 3.0 or better. Once accepted into the BFA in Art, a Change of Major will be filed with the Office of the Registrar.

Requirements (77)

Total units required for graduation: 132

Requirements for the B.F.A. in Art

Lower Division requirements: (36)
Foundation Requirements
ART 11202D Foundation: Line, Color and Composition3
ART 11303D Foundation: Form, Space & Time3
ART 1140Creative Technology for Artists 3
ART 1160Introduction to Drawing and Life Drawing3
Art History. Two lower division art history courses.
Choose one from:3
Art History Methodologies 1
Art History Methodologies 2
And choose one from:3
Art History Foundations 1
Art History Foundations 2
Studio Art lower division requirements. Choose 5 from the following lower division studio courses:15
Beginning Imaging and Illustration
Beginning Photography
Beginning Painting
Beginning Ceramics
Beginning Glass
Beginning Sculpture
Plus, choose one of the following:3
Xicanx Art
Border Art
Upper Division requirements: (41)
AH 3250Topics and Themes of Art History and Exhibitions3
AH 4250Art History Seminar 3
ART 4500Advanced Art Laboratory2
ART 5500Undergraduate Professional Practices3
ART 5510BFA Project3
Choose 5 intermediate level studio art courses:15
Art and Activism
Intermediate Drawing and Life Drawing
Intermediate Imaging and Illustration
Intermediate Photography
Intermediate Painting
Intermediate Ceramics
Intermediate Glass
Intermediate Sculpture
Woodworking and Furniture Design
Digital Fabrication: Functional Art/Object Design 1
Socially-engaged Art
Public Art
Video Art
Performance Art
Installation Art
Visiting Artist Residency: Collaborative Production & Exhibition Practice
Special Topics in Art
Choose 4 advanced level studio art courses (all 4000 level courses are repeatable):12
Advanced Drawing and Life Drawing
Advanced Imaging and Illustration
Advanced Photography/Video Studio
Advanced Printmaking
Advanced Painting
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Glass
Advanced Sculpture
Advanced Woodworking and Furniture Design
Digital Fabrication: Functional Art/ Object Design 2
Total Units77