GE Pathway: Digital Life

Digital technologies, such as computers, smartphones, social media, and the Internet, play increasingly central roles in 21st century life. Courses in the Digital Life General Education Pathway (and the associated Digital Literacies General Education Minor) explore our understandings and uses of digital technologies and their impacts in various personal, professional, political, economic, and social-cultural contexts. Students consider the opportunities and challenges these technologies present, and they cultivate crucial digital and information literacies -- understandings, judgments, and practical skills necessary for navigating and thriving in an increasingly complex, interconnected, and mediated world.

Students interested in this pathway, have the option of completing a GE minor. See information on GE Minor: Digital Literacies.

Pathway Requirements (12 units)

Students are advised to complete at least four courses (12 units) from the following list of courses, by choosing one course from four of the following six categories:

GE Category E -- Foundations Seminar
Choose one of the following:
Leadership for Global Challenges: Exploring the Digital Mindset
Digital You/U
College Learning for Lives and Careers in the Information Age
GE Category A3 -- Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking Through Computer Programming
GE Category B5 -- Upper Division Scientific Inquiry
The Science of Digital Sound and Music
GE Category C1 -- Arts
Choose one of the following:
Digital Humanities and Arts (DI)
Creating digital Media Using Personal Electronic Technology
GE Category C4 -- Upper Division Arts & Humanities
Choose one of the following:
Movies in the Digital Age
Real Ethics in a Virtual World (WI)
GE Category D4 -- Social Science
Digital Media and Society