Graduate Degrees and Programs

Office of Graduate Studies

College of Education, Room 356
(909) 537-5058 Graduate Studies website
Dorota Huizinga, Dean
Caroline Vickers, Interim Associate Dean

Post-baccalaureate students are those who already hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to continue their studies; they may be pursuing a certificate, credential, second bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree. At CSUSB, post-baccalaureate students can choose from more than 40 master’s degree programs and concentrations, as well as a wide range of credential and certificate programs. CSUSB is also one of the few California State University campuses to offer a doctoral program in Educational Leadership. As the university grows, its nationally accredited graduate programs continue to gain recognition and garner awards. Most classes are offered at convenient hours for working students. Financial assistance for research and travel is available, as well as grants, loans, and fellowships aimed at supporting doctoral aspirations and creating a more diverse university faculty.

The Office of Graduate Studies encourages graduate education and works to create programs of quality that respond to the needs of students and of the university's service area. Additionally, the office administers the M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, and is responsible for the following functions for all graduate programs:

  • Waiver petitions for the seven-year limit for course work, the 12 quarter unit/9 semester unit limit for classification, and leaves of absence
  • Petitions by all unclassified post-baccalaureate students
  • The Graduate Equity Fellowship Program
  • The California Pre-Doctoral Program
  • The Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program
  • Thesis, project, and dissertation final acceptance and publication
  • Graduate admission

The university offers the following graduate programs:

  • Accountancy, M.S.A.
  • Applied Archaeology, M.A.
  • Art, M.A.
  • Biology, M.S.
  • Business and Data Analytics, M.S.
  • Business Administration, M.B.A.
  • Career and Technical Education, M.A.
  • Child Development, M.A.
  • Clinical/Counseling Psychology, M.S.
  • Communication Studies, M.A.
  • Computer Science, M.S.
  • Counseling, M.S.
  • Criminal Justice, M.A.
  • Cybersecurity and Analytics, M.S.
  • Education, M.A.
  • Educational Administration, M.A.
  • Educational Leadership, Ed.D.
  • English and Writing Studies, M.A.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation, M.S.
  • Environmental Sciences, M.S.
  • Finance, M.S.
  • Geology, M.S.
  • Health Services Administration, M.S.
  • History, M.A.
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology, M.S.
  • Information Systems and Technology, M.S.
  • Instructional Design and Technology, M.A.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, M.A.
  • Logistics and E-Commerce, M.S.
  • Mathematics, M.A.
  • National Cyber Security Studies, M.S.
  • National Security Studies, M.A.
  • Nutritional Science, M.S.
  • Nursing, M.S.
  • Psychological Science, M.A.
  • Public Administration, M.P.A.
  • Public Health, M.P.H.
  • Rehabilitation Counseling, M.A.
  • School Psychology, Ed.S.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education, M.S.
  • Social Sciences and Globalization - Applied Social Sciences, M.A.
  • Social Work, M.S.W.
  • Social Work and Public Administration Concurrent Degrees, M.S.W./M.P.A.
  • Spanish, M.A.
  • Special Education, M.S.
  • STEM Education, M.A.
  • Studio Art, M.F.A.
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), M.A.
  • Teaching Credentials and Certificates 

Graduate programs at the university are designed to serve a variety of needs. Some students pursue an advanced degree or a credential program in a professional area to enhance their career mobility; others, to expand their knowledge and understanding and to pursue research in a chosen discipline. The university welcomes both part-time and full-time students. Some programs are available in hybrid or online  format. Detailed requirements of each program are listed by department and/or degree in the Graduate Degrees section of this bulletin.