GE Minor: Global Connections

The Global Competency General Education (GE) Minor is a new interdisciplinary minor associated with the new Global Connections GE Pathway program.  Both have been developed as part of the conversion of the quarter GE curriculum to a new semester GE curriculum structure.  The Global Competency GE Minor encourages students to take more classes within the Global Connections GE Pathway and gain a more in-depth understanding of the connectivity around the globe and how that connectivity has impacted various components of human society.  The minor inspires students who are already completing the Global Connections GE Pathway to take additional classes in the pathway.  These other classes lead to a more significant exploration of a particular facet of global connectivity the student found interesting when completing the Global Connections GE Pathway.  For example, if a student is a part of the Global Connections GE Pathway and then becomes very interested in global connectivity and governance issues, they can take additional classes from the pathway they have not completed already.  The minor allows the student to concentrate on that topic beyond the GE pathway classes.  In doing so, students become more globally aware concerning a particular global issue and gain the skills and knowledge at a deeper level to be an actively engaged global citizen.

Requirements for a GE Minor in Global Connections (18 units)

In order to complete this GE Minor, students must take 18 units (six courses), by choosing one course from six categories:

  • at least two must be upper-division courses
  • at least one must be a Writing Intensive course
  • Students for the Global Competency GE Minor can take up to two non-GE classes to complete the minor.

Note: Students should consult with departments who contribute courses to this minor and to the Global Connections GE Pathway to find co-curricular opportunities (e.g., participating in Coyote Career Center activities, participating in faculty-led research and participating in study abroad and study away programs) that can further enhance their educational experience.

GE Category E -- Foundation Seminar
Global You/U (G)
GE Category C4 -- Upper Division Arts & Humanities
Arts and Ideas in A Changing Global World (G)
African Arts Heritage (DI, G)
Exploring the World of Islam (DI, G)
Asian Humanities in a Globalized World (DI, G)
Global Cinema (G)
Studies in Global Literatures (DI, G)
Voices & Visions from the Francophone World (G, WI)
Global Music (G)
Human Rights & Global Citizenship (G, WI)
Voices & Visions from the Hispanic World (G, WI)
Mediterranean Languages and Identities (DI, G)
Languages & Cultures (DI, G)
GE Category D3 -- Social Science Disciplinary Perspectives
World History to c. 1500 (DI, G)
World History to c. 1500
Principles of Macroeconomics (G)
World Regions and Peoples (DI, G)
World History from c.1500
GE Category D4 -- Upper Division Social Science
Global Governance and the United Nations System (G)
Society, Business, & Global Governance (DI, G)
Global Issues and Perspectives (DI, G)
Global Issues and Perspectives (DI, G, WI)
Non-GE Courses that can be taken for the Global Connections GE Minor
Business and Asian Culture
Model United Nations Practicum (Fall Semester MUN Team)
Model United Nations Practicum (Spring Semester MUN Team)