A minor is a formal aggregate of courses in a designated subject area distinct from and outside of the declared major. In other words, the minor is a pattern of courses similar to but less comprehensive than the major. The number of units required for a minor varies with each department - requirements are listed in each department's section of the catalog. Minors can only be granted for the same term in which the student graduates with an undergraduate degree. Minors will not be automatically dropped if the requirements have not been fulfilled by the term for which the student's graduation is posted. A minor is posted to the official transcript but does not appear on the diploma.

All minors require a 2.00-grade point average, a minimum of nine (9) units of the coursework required for the minor must be completed through regular enrollment at CSUSB, and six (6) units of the coursework required must be upper-division (3000-5999). Some minors require a higher minimum - check with the department for requirements.

Undergraduate students may submit a minor request through their myCoyote Student Center. If the requested minor is in the same department as the major, the department chair's approval will be required.

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