Minor in Latin American Studies

Admission to the Program

  1. Students must meet general university admission requirements;
  2. Students should discuss this minor with their academic advisors. All majors are eligible to participate in this minor.
  3. Students must complete SPAN 1112 or PORT 1112 prior to beginning the program.

Requirements for Graduation

  1. Minors can only be granted for the same term in which students graduate;
  2. CSUSB will not consider for transfer credit coursework from an institution that will not accept that coursework in its own degree program.

Requirements for a minor in Latin American Studies (18 units)*

Introductory course (3)
LAS 2000Introduction to Latin American Studies (Core course)3
Core courses (choose 3 courses) (9)9
Contemporary Art and Culture of the Americas
Voices & Visions from the Hispanic World
Cultures of Spanish America
Latin American Politics
Latin American Philosophy
The Latino Experience in the U.S.
Cultures of Mexico and Central America
Anthropology of South America
US-Mexico Border Region
History of Modern Mexico
Modern Central America
Modern Latin America
Elective courses (choose 2 courses) (6)6
Intermediate Spanish Ist. Semester
Intermediate Spanish 2nd. Semester
Intermediate Healthcare Spanish I
Intermediate Healthcare Spanish II
Culture, Health, and Food in Latin America
Intermediate Criminal Justice Spanish I
Intermediate Criminal Justice Spanish II
Criminal Justice and Cultures of Spain and Latin America
Seminar in Comparative Politics
Seminar in Government
Latino Communities, Wellness, and Life Skills
The Latino Family
Citizenship, Status, and Inequality
Sociology of Migration
Indian Nations and Native America
Indigenous Peoples
Emerging World Regions
Topics about Special Populations
Cultural Competency
Foreign Relations of Latin America
Latin American History Through Film
Colonial Latin America
Latinx, Media, and Cultures
World Dance Traditions
Dramatic Literature of Identity
Independent Study
Managing Across Borders
International Marketing
Special Topics in Public Administration
Total Units18

Foreign Language Requirement for Spanish or Portuguese

The following rules apply to challenging a language course for credit in this minor:

  1. Only courses at the 1112-level or higher may be challenged.
  2. Students whose language of instruction in secondary school was Spanish or Portuguese may satisfy this category by submitting official academic transcripts showing that either language was, indeed, the medium of instruction in the school from which they graduated.
  3. Providing documentation of significant foreign language experience such as the successful completion of two years of Peace Corps experience in a Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country.
  4. Results from Spanish AP exams may satisfy this requirement.