Minor in Dance

Requirements for a minor in Dance (18 units)

Lower-division requirement (3)
TA 2660Introduction to Theatre3
Upper-division requirement (3)
Three units chosen from:3
Performance Practicum
Performance Practicum
Technical Practicum
Technical Practicum
Touring Practicum
Electives (12)
Select courses from the list below, in consultation with a Department Advisor, to meet the goals for which the Minor is chosen. A minimum of 12 units must be taken in upper division Dance-related courses in the TA program.12
Studies in Dance: Jazz
Studies in Dance: Modern
Studies in Dance: Tap
Studies in Dance: Ballet
Dance Techniques: Jazz
Dance Techniques: Modern
Dance Techniques: Tap
Dance Techniques: Ballet
Dance Techniques: Musical Theatre
World Dance Traditions
Dance Notation
Dance History
Creative Movement in the Classroom
Arts in Action: Dance
Directing and Devising Performance
Advanced Creative Dance Methods
Other TA courses may be included with advisor approval.
Total Units18