Minor in French

Students must earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in all lower-division and upper-division courses required to fulfill a minor in French. 

Requirements for a minor in French (19 units)

Lower-Division (8)
Eight units chosen from the following courses8
Introduction to the Francophone World
Introduction to French Media
Introduction to Reading & Interpretation
Introduction to French Culture
Upper division (7)
FREN 3000Enhancing Your French1
Six units chosen from the following courses6
Approaches to French Literature
From Cannes to Cameroon: Francophone Cinema and Culture
Geographies of Identity: Francophone Cultures in Context
Paris: Cultural and Historical Capital
Elective (3)
Any course from the lower or upper divisional core3
Activity (1)
FREN 3150French Conversation Lab1
Total Units19