Minor in Asian Studies

Asian Studies Minor is a cohesive and interdisciplinary program that draws on a range of courses focusing on Asian regions and cultures.

Admission to the Program

  1. Students must meet general university admission requirements.
  2. Students in all majors are eligible to participate in this program.

Requirements for a minor in Asian Studies (18 units)

Core Requirements (6)
Six units of upper division courses chosen from the following with at least three units being a seminar course.6
Seminar Courses:
Anthropology of Asia: Cultures, Communities, and Migration
Asian Humanities in a Globalized World
Business and Asian Culture
History of Modern East Asia
Asian Philosophy
Experiential Courses
Internship in Humanities
International Experience: Asian Studies
Independent Study in the Humanities
Electives (12)
Twelve units from the following courses (may not receive credit as an elective if taken as a core course) with at least 3 units from each of the categories listed below:12
Group A: Arts and Humanities
Asian Contemporary Art
Asian Humanities in a Globalized World
College Chinese II
Chinese Literature in Translation
Asian American Literature
Beginning Japanese II
Japanese Literature in English
Voices & Visions from the World of Japanese Anime and Manga
Beginning Korean 2
Korean Literature in English
Asian Philosophy
Group B: Business and Social Behavioral Sciences
Anthropology of Asia: Cultures, Communities, and Migration
Business and Asian Culture
Ancient and Early Imperial China
Medieval China
Modern China I, 1644-1911
Modern China II, 1911-Present
Modern Chinese History in Fiction and Film
History of Modern East Asia
Mughal India and the Early Modern World
Modern India at the Crossroads of Empire
Gandhi: Life and Legacy
Media Cultures of the Indian Subcontinent
East Asian Politics
Total Units18