Minor in Music Technology

The Minor in Music Technology provides students with a foundational core of study in music theory, electronic music production, and sound recording. After attaining this proficiency, students then have to opportunity to hone in their focus on a variety of specialized topics, such as analog and digital synthesis, live sound reinforcement, post-production sound design, and scoring for diverse media (including film, television, and video games). The minor is intended to augment career preparation for not only students majoring in music, but also students majoring in other media-related disciplines.

Requirements for a Minor in Music Technology (18 units)

3 units of Music Theory chosen from:3
Fundamentals of Music Theory
Music Theory I: Diatonic Harmony
6 units of the Music Technology core:6
Electronic Music Production
Sound Recording
9 units of advanced electives chosen from:9
Composition for Films and Television
Film Soundtrack Recording
Topics in Music Technology (may be repeated multiple times for credit)
Advanced Electronic Music
Advanced Studio Recording Techniques
Total Units18