Minor in Music Technology


The Minor is Music Technology includes study of electronic music and sound recording with an emphasis on connections to media study within other disciplines, such as music and sound for game design, post-production video, and virtual reality.  The minor is intended to augment career preparation for not only students majoring in music, but also students majoring in other media-related disciplines.

Requirements for a Minor in Music Technology (28 units)

MUS 1100Fundamentals of Music Theory3
MUS 1110Basic Musicianship2
MUS 2120Theory I3
MUS 2125Musicianship I2
MUS 2660Electronic Music Production3
MUS 2670Sound Recording3
Six units from:6
Topics in Music Technology
Three units from coursework in a media-related discipline as approved by the department.3
3 units chosen from:
MUS 5751Internship in Music Technology 11
MUS 5752Internship in Music Technology 22
Total Units28