Minor in Geographic Information Science

Geographic information science (GISci) has been developing rapidly and increasingly become a vital part in academic research, government policy-making, and industrial applications. The minor in GISci is designed to provide students with the fundamental concepts, theories and cutting-edge technology in GIS and related disciplines. This minor is recommended for students to pursue a graduate degree in GIS and related disciplines. 

Requirements for a Minor in Geographic Information Science (32-33 units)

GEOG 2249Map Interpretation3
GEOG 2250Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Cartography4
GEOG 3018Geographic Statistics and Research Methods3
GEOG 3710Advanced Geographic Information Systems4
GEOG 3730Geo-Spatial Analysis3
GEOG 4880Remote Sensing of the Environment4
Electives (11-12)
Select any three courses from the following:11-12
Field Methods in Geography
Environmental GIS
GIS and Socio-Economic Applications
Internship in Geography
Total Units32-33