Minor in English

The English Minor allows students to select courses related to their personal interests and professional goals.  With offerings in creative writing, linguistics, literature, and rhetoric and writing studies, the English Minor pairs well with any major—whether in science, social science, business, or humanities.  It prepares students for any career requiring them to write effectively, think creatively, or understand human nature.  

Requirements for a minor in English (18 units)

Eighteen units chosen from courses in the following areas. Students are free to select and mix courses across any of these areas.18
Creative Writing and Literary Production
Introduction to Creative Writing Studies
Literary Movements: Aesthetics and Craft
Poetry Writing Workshop
Fiction Writing Workshop
Creative Nonfiction
Advanced Creative Writing in Specialized Genres
Creative Writing in the Secondary Classroom ( may repeat twice for credit)
Literary Production I
Literary Production II
Creative Writing: Thesis and Performance
Rhetoric, Literacy, and Writing Studies
Writing in the Public Sphere
Theories of Public and Professional Writing
Introduction to Literacy and Writing Studies
Studies in Writing
Studies in Literacy
Studies in Rhetoric
Tutoring Writing: Theory and Practice
Teaching English in the Secondary Schools
Community-Based Writing
Linguistics and Discourse
Introduction to Linguistics
Language, Thought, and Culture
English Grammar
Child Language and Literacy Development
Second Language Acquisition
History of the English Language
Grammar and Discourse
Phonetics and Phonology
Studies in Language and Linguistics
Literature and Culture
Historical Approaches to English Literature
Historical Approaches to British Literature
Historical Approaches to American Literature
Analysis of Poetry and Drama
Analysis of Fiction and Nonfiction Prose
Studies in Literary Theory
Studies in Global Literatures
Literature for Children and Young Adults
Native American and Indigenous Literatures
Studies in a Literary Genre
Studies in Literary Diversity
Chicana/o Literature
Studies in Literary Topics
Asian American Literature
Caribbean Literature
Myth and Epic
Studies in the Novel
Women Writers
African American Literature
Environmental Literature
Turning Points in Literary History
Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama
English Literature of the Middle Ages
English Literature of the Tudor/Stuart Era
Seventeenth Century Literature
English Literature of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century
Romantic Literature
Victorian Literature
Modern Poetry
Studies in a Major Authors
Contemporary Poetry
Studies in a Literary Period or Movement
Modern Fiction
Contemporary Fiction
Advanced Studies in Literary Topics
Senior Seminar in Literature
Total Units18