Minor in Political Economy

Requirements for a minor in Political Economy (18 units)

Lower-division requirements (3)
ECON 2000The Economy: Problems and Perspectives3
Upper-division requirements (15)
ECON 3105Political Economy3
Six units chosen from:6
Political Economy of Southern California
Environmental Economics
Political Economy of Women
Economic History of the United States
Behavioral Economics
Origins of Political Economy
Post-Keynesian Economics
Six units chosen from:6
Gendered Worlds: Power, Difference, and & In/equality
Economic Geography
Environmental Sustainability
Feminist Theory
Women as Agents of Social Change
Queer Theory
Social and Political Philosophy
State and Local Politics
Organizational Psychology
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
Social Movements
Sociology of Work
Community Organization
Sociology of Sex and Gender
Race and Racism
Climate Change
Total Units18