Minor in Multimedia Storytelling

Multimedia storytelling involves the combination of text, still photography, video, audio, graphics, and interactivity presented online or in another format in a nonlinear manner. The key to multimedia storytelling is using the media form to present a story in a compelling and informative way. Students pursuing this minor will learn the various aspect of this media form including storyboarding, fieldwork, editing and assembling the story. In short, students will discover the importance of merging new multimedia technology and revising culturally rich and fundamental concepts of storytelling. While telling their stories, students can also explore the issues surrounding social media, community activism, and social justice and change. 

Requirements for a minor in Multimedia Storytelling (18 units)

Complete at least 18 units from three different programs in the College of Arts and Letters. A minimum of 6 units must be upper-division. Select from the following list of courses: (18)18
Creative Technology for Artists
Beginning Imaging and Illustration
Beginning Photography
Video Art
Newswriting and Reporting
Television Studio Production
Practicum in Multimedia Journalism: Coyote Chronicle
Practicum in Digital Audio and Radio
Practicum in Strategic Communication: Coyote PR
Media, Culture, and Society
Digital Media and Society
Movies in the Digital Age
Visual Communication
Introduction to Digital Video Editing
Multimedia Journalism
Topics in Multimedia Journalism
Digital Applications Basics
Fundamental Design Principles
Design Thinking - Problem Solving & Critical Thinking in Visual Studies
Business of Creativity
Writing in the Public Sphere
Studies in Literary Topics
Writing for Performance
Literary Movements: Aesthetics and Craft
Advanced Studies in Literary Topics
Media Performance Practicum
Advanced Creative Writing in Specialized Genres
Creating digital Media Using Personal Electronic Technology
Voice and Movement
Dramatic Analysis and Playwriting for Teachers
Styles of Acting
Note: Students are able to receive credit for summer arts courses pertaining to the minor.
Total Units18