Minor in Border Studies

Border Studies is a trans-disciplinary study of the material and symbolic processes of border making, erasing, and transcending. Our approach is the policy-practice-perception study of borders as culturally, historically, and spatially produced material and symbolic landscapes. Studying borders teaches us that societies are complex, contested, and power-laden hybrid spaces and processes that deepen our understanding of how people relate to each other across borders and barriers: political, social and cultural. Special focus will be given to the Mexican and American border area and its impact across our continent and our academic fields study.  

Requirements for a minor in Border Studies (18 units)

Complete at least 18 units from three different programs. A minimum of 6 units must be upper-division. Select courses from the following list: (18)18
Understanding Cultural Diversity
Gendered Worlds: Power, Difference, and & In/equality
Indigenous Politics
Cultures of Mexico and Central America
Xicanx Art
Introduction to Chicanx Art
Border Art
Visualizing Gender, Performing Identity
Topics and Themes of Art History and Exhibitions
Art History Seminar
Latinx Border Identity: A Transmedia Perspective
Topics in Media Studies
Topics in Film Studies
Latinx, Media, and Cultures
Studies in Global Literatures
Native American and Indigenous Literatures
Chicana/o Literature
Caribbean Literature
Literary Movements: Aesthetics and Craft
English Study Abroad
Introduction to Ethnic Studies
Introduction to Chicana/o/x and Latina/o/x Studies
Political Geography
US-Mexico Border Region
Emerging World Regions
Advanced World Regions
Globalization and Identity
Global Governance and the United Nations System
American Indian History
California Indian History
History of the U.S. - Mexico Borderlands
Special Topics in Public Administration
The Latino Experience in the U.S.
Sociology of Migration
Indian Nations and Native America
Borders, Knowledges, and Identities
Indigenous Peoples
Cultural Competency
Topics about Special Populations
Spanish Literature and Film in English
Voices & Visions from the Hispanic World
Total Units18