Minor in Alternative Styles of Music

This minor is being proposed to meet the needs of our students who frequently come in to the Music Department with a background in alternative styles (jazz, mariachi, rock n'roll, etc.), and are seeking to pursue a career in a field other than western classical music.  The minor essentially requires students to take six units of music history courses that are pertinent to alternative styles, students need to do eight units of "applied" instrument, composing/arranging, and/or technology studies, they have a three unit alternative styles ensemble requirement, and then the music business class "The Artist Entrepreneur's Toolkit" and the Alternative Styles Capstone, which will require them to prepare a final project performance, based on what they have learned and assimilated as performers throughout the coursework for this minor.  The goal is to help students become well-rounded in the history, construction, and performance practice associated with alternative styles, and then to be able to couple this knowledge with a music business class and a capstone project that will prepare our students for a career in the "real world" industry of alternative/popular styles of music.

Requirements for a minor in Alternative Styles in Music (21 units)

Pre-requisite requirements: (0)
Fundamentals of Music Theory
Basic Musicianship
Theory I
Musicianship I
6 units chosen from: (6)6
Popular Music Literature
Jazz History in America and African-American Culture
Global Music
Latin American Music
African American Music
Rock and Roll: Justice and Society
Music in the United States
8 units chosen from: (8)8
Class Guitar
Class Piano I
Class Piano II
Class Piano III
Popular/Commercial Class Piano
Commercial Songwriting
Electronic Music Production
Sound Recording
Jazz Improvisation
Commercial Arranging and Scoring
Composition for Films and Television
Topics in Music Technology
Advanced Electronic Music
Advanced Studio Recording Techniques
3 units chosen from: (3)3
Chamber Music: Jazz Combo
Chamber Music: World Music
El Mariachi Los Coyotes
Jazz Ensemble
Vocal Jazz
Reverence Singers
Required courses: (4)4
The Artist Entrepreneur's Toolkit
Alternative Styles Capstone
Total Units21

In addition to the grade point average requirements stated in Program Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree, students must earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in all courses required to fulfill the Minor in Alternative Styles of Music.