Minor in Entrepreneurship in the Sciences

This minor will serve students in the College of Natural Sciences that desire to blend their primary area of study with entrepreneurship. The primary goal of the minor will be to teach science students essential skill sets in entrepreneurship to enhance their careers after graduation. In addition to learning applicable tools to bring their ideas to market, the program will also provide guidance to help students become entrepreneurial thinkers that will benefit them as employees, managers, leaders, and/or business owners.

Required Courses (18 units)

ENTR 3000Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
ENTR/NSCI 5410Commercializing Entrepreneurial Innovation (Cross list as NSCI 5410)3
ENTR 5430Ideation and Creative Problem Solving3
ENTR/NSCI 5440Developing the New Venture (Cross List as NSCI 5440)3
ENTR 5450Resources for the Entrepreneur3
ENTR/NSCI 5980Reflective Essay (Cross List as NSCI 5980)0
Three (3) unit course chosen from non-GE upper-division courses in: ENTR, ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, GEOL, CSE, MATH, KINE, NURS, or HSCI. Students with majors outside of the College of Natural Sciences may NOT use an ENTR course for their elective.3
Total Units18