Minor in Career and Technical Education

This minor is for those candidates seeking employment with a Regional Occupational Program (ROP), Public or Charter School or Correctional Institution. It also beneficial for persons interested in teaching in a community college, private secondary or post-secondary environment.

Candidates seeking the Designated Subjects Teaching credential will also need to complete:ECTS 5180, HSCI 5240, Adult/child/infant CPR, U.S. Constitution, and teaching experience requirements .

Requirements for a minor in Career and Technical Studies (18 units)

ECTS 5010Principles and Methods for Teaching Designated Subjects3
ECTS 5020Instructional Support for Teaching Designated Subjects3
ECTS 5040Principles of Career and Technical Education3
ECTS 5190Instructional Technology for Career and Technical Educators3
ECTS 5200Curriculum Development for Career and Technical Programs3
ECTS 5210Assessing Student Progress3
Total Units18