Minor in Entrepreneurship in the Arts

This interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship in the Arts minor will service all of the College of Arts and Letters students who are seeking to blend their primary area of study in arts and humanities with entrepreneurship.  Specifically, the goal of this minor is to educate students as to the nature and accessibility of entrepreneurship, to celebrate, explore, and capitalize on their inherent creativity as students of the arts and humanities, and to teach them the practical entrepreneurial skill sets that they will need to be able to blend their area of expertise with entrepreneurship as they look toward further developing their careers post-graduation.

Requirements for a minor in Entrepreneurship in the Arts (18 units)

CAL 4000The Artist Entrepreneur: Innovation and Leadership in the Arts3
CAL 4100The Artist Entrepreneur's Toolkit3
CAL 4200Venture Ideation, Analysis, and Development in the Arts3
CAL 4300The Artist Entrepreneur Launch3
Six units chosen in consultation with the Entrepreneurship in the Arts minor program advisor, from coursework from the following departments: Art, Communication Studies, English, Entrepreneurship, Music, Philosophy, Theatre Arts, World Languages6
Total Units18

In addition to the grade point average requirements stated in Program Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree, students must earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in all courses required to fulfill the Minor in Entrepreneurship in the Arts.