Minor in Media Studies

In the Minor in Media Studies, students gain understandings and skills for navigating and participating and working in our increasingly mediated social and cultural worlds. Media Studies students develop media literacies, theoretical and critical competencies, aesthetic and ethical sensibilities, and media production skills.The Minor's focus is on four main areas of theory and practice: (1) media studies, including media institutions, representations, uses, and effects; (2) film studies, including motion picture history, film aesthetics and analysis, and global cinema studies; (3) digital production, including digital filmmaking, and television and radio production; and (4) multimedia journalism, including newswriting and reporting, and the integrative use of audio, video, photography, text, and interactive tools for storytelling. In addition to using media for personal, social, and civic purposes, Media Studies students typically pursue careers in journalism, broadcasting, filmmaking, or digital/social media, or they continue their education in graduate programs.

Requirements for a minor in Media Studies (18 units)

Core requirements (6)
COMM 3102Media, Culture, and Society3
COMM 3301Media Institutions in Context3
Elective requirements (12)
Twelve units chosen from any of the following:12
Media Studies:
Digital Media and Society
Topics in Media Studies
Gender, Race, and Class in Media
Latinx, Media, and Cultures
Global Communication
Media Effects
Advertising as Social Communication
Media Sex and Violence
Communication Law and Policy
Muslim Women in Media and Society
Advanced Topics in Media Studies
Film Studies:
The Development of Motion Pictures
Movies in the Digital Age
Film Analysis
Global Cinema
Visual Communication
Topics in Film Studies
Advanced Topics in Film Studies
Digital Production:
Television Studio Production
Introduction to Digital Video Editing
Digital Video Field Production
Fundamentals of Screenwriting
Topics in Digital Production
Digital Audio and Radio Production
Digital Filmmaking I
Digital Filmmaking II
Advanced Topics in Digital Production
Multimedia Journalism:
Newswriting and Reporting
Multimedia Journalism
Publication Design
Topics in Multimedia Journalism
Advanced Topics in Multimedia Journalism
Total Units18