Minor in Communication

The Minor in Communication provides students with a broad understanding of the field through core courses in relational and organizational communication, theories of media, and ethical aspects of communication. Students then choose an additional 6 units in any area of communication and media studies that interest them: relational and organizational communication; media studies; film studies; digital media production; multimedia journalism; or strategic communication.

Requirements for a minor in Communication (18 units)

Lower-division requirement (3)
COMM 2101Introduction to Communication Studies3
Upper-division requirements (9)
COMM 3101Communication, Self, and Others3
COMM 3102Media, Culture, and Society3
COMM 4102Ethical Aspects of Communication3
Electives (6)
Six additional units in Communication Studies. COMM 1000, COMM 1002, COMM 1006, and COMM 1007 may not be applied toward the minor.6
Total Units18