Minor in English Teacher Preparation

The courses in the English Teacher Preparation Minor provide subject-matter training (supplementing the English BA) for students who are planning to obtain a single-subject teaching credential in English.  Coursework has been certified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTCC) as part of the English Department's subject matter waiver program.  

Minor Requirements (24 units)

Students must take the following eight courses to complete the ETP Minor.  (NOTE: Students may apply any of the ENG courses listed here toward the elective units in their concentration in the English Major.  ENG 3000 and TA 2660 also satisfy General Education Requirements)

ENG 3000Studies in Global Literatures3
ENG 3200Literature for Children and Young Adults3
ENG 3220English Grammar 3
ENG 3290Introduction to Literacy and Writing Studies3
ENG 3320Second Language Acquisition3
ENG 4750Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama3
ENG 5100Teaching English in the Secondary Schools3
or ENG 5110 Creative Writing in the Secondary Classroom
TA 2660Introduction to Theatre3
Total Units24