Minor in Philosophy

Requirements for a minor in Philosophy (18 units)

Basic Logic (3)
PHIL 2100Critical Thinking Through Symbolic Logic3
History (3)
Three units chosen from:3
Ancient Philosophy
Early Modern Philosophy
Topics in the History of Philosophy
Continental Philosophy
Advanced Issues in History of Philosophy
Metaphysics/Knowledge (3)
Three units chosen from:3
Philosophy of Language
Theory of Knowledge
Philosophy of Science
Topics in Metaphysics and Knowledge
Advanced Issues in Metaphysics and Knowledge
Value Theory (3)
Three units chosen from:3
Latin American Philosophy
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Topics in Value Theory
Advanced Issues in Value Theory
Electives (6)
Six units chosen from philosophy courses. Elective units may include philosophy courses taken to satisfy General Education requirements. No more than 3 elective units numbered 1000 – 2999, no more than 3 elective units numbered 3000 – 3099.6
Total Units18

The philosophy minor is not open to philosophy majors (since all the courses in the minor contribute to the major).  Only the logic requirement PHIL 2100 may also count toward satisfaction of General Education requirements, minor in philosophical logic, or minor in law and philosophy.