Minor in Counseling and Social Change

The minor will offer an interdisciplinary collaboration between the college of educations MS in counseling and complimentary programs across disciplines. The proposed minor will be 18 semester units, 12 housed in the counseling program and 2 electives house elsewhere (1 GE and 1 additional class will fulfill this requirement). 

Complimentary disciplines could include but are not limited to: BA in English, Sociology, History, Human Development (Child development track), Human Development (Lifespan track), Anthropology, Criminal justice, Health science, Admin (Public administration), Philosophy, Political Science, Admin (Human Resource Mgmt.), Admin (Hospitality Mgmt.), Communication, Art (Visual Studies), Liberal Studies (General Track), Spanish, & Kinesiology. 

Requirements for a minor in Counseling and Social Change (18 units) 

COUN 3101Introduction to the Counseling & Helping Professions3
COUN 3102The Social Construction Of Relationships 3
COUN 3103Introduction To Counseling Skills & Practices3
COUN 3104Counseling & Social Change3
An additional 6 units chosen in consultation with an advisor.6
Total Units18