Minor in Film Studies

Requirements for a minor in Film Studies (21-25 units)

Lower-division requirements (3-4)3-4
Three or four units chosen from:
Beginning Photography
Looking at Movies
Television Studio Production
World Drama
Upper-division requirements (18-21)
Six units chosen from:6
The Development of Motion Pictures
Visual Communication
Studies in a Literary Genre ((when the topic is Film and Literature))
Three units chosen from:3
Movies in the Digital Age
Film Analysis
Topics in Film Studies
(when the topic is Contemporary Cinema and Society)
Nine to twelve units chosen from the following two categories:9-12
Film and Digital Media Theory and Criticism:
Media, Culture, and Society
Media Institutions in Context
Global Cinema
Queer Cinema
Analysis of Poetry and Drama
From Cannes to Cameroon: Francophone Cinema and Culture
Special Topics in Spanish Language Cinema and/or Theatre
Dramatic Analysis and Playwriting for Teachers
Digital Media Production:
Video Art
Introduction to Digital Video Editing
Digital Video Field Production
Fundamentals of Screenwriting
Multimedia Journalism
Digital Motion Graphics
Acting for the Camera
Total Units21-25