Minor in Film Studies

The Minor in Film Studies is ideal for students interested in learning about both film studies and digital media production. Students have the flexibility to take courses that focus on film aesthetics, history, and critical analysis of representation, and those that involve hands-on creation of moving image digital media. Each student can tailor the balance between film studies courses and digital production courses to their own interests. Requires 21 to 25 units.

Requirements for a minor in Film Studies (21-25 units)

Lower-division requirements (3-4)3-4
Three or four units chosen from:
Beginning Photography
Looking at Movies
Television Studio Production
World Drama
Upper-division requirements (18-21)
Six units chosen from:6
The Development of Motion Pictures
Visual Communication
Studies in a Literary Genre ((when the topic is Film and Literature))
Three units chosen from:3
Movies in the Digital Age
Film Analysis
Topics in Film Studies
(when the topic is Contemporary Cinema and Society)
Nine to twelve units chosen from the following two categories:9-12
Film and Digital Media Theory and Criticism:
Media, Culture, and Society
Media Institutions in Context
Global Cinema
Queer Cinema
Analysis of Poetry and Drama
From Cannes to Cameroon: Francophone Cinema and Culture
Special Topics in Spanish Language Cinema and/or Theatre
Dramatic Analysis and Playwriting for Teachers
Digital Media Production:
Video Art
Introduction to Digital Video Editing
Digital Video Field Production
Fundamentals of Screenwriting
Multimedia Journalism
Digital Motion Graphics
Acting for the Camera
Total Units21-25