Minor in Astronomy

The minor in astronomy is designed for any interested student with a background in calculus. Combined with a physics, geology, chemistry, or biology degree, it can give students the background needed to pursue a career or graduate degree in an astronomy related field including astrophysics, planetary science, cosmology, and more.

Requirements for a minor in Astronomy (31 units)

Lower-division requirements (22)
MATH 2210Calculus I4
MATH 2220Calculus II4
PHYS 2500General Physics I4
PHYS 2500LGeneral Physics I Lab1
PHYS 2510General Physics II4
PHYS 2510LGeneral Physics II Lab1
ASTR 2300Introduction to Astronomy for Scientists4
Upper-division requirements (9)
Choose one Astrophysics course:3
Astrophysics of Planetary Systems
Astrophysics of Galaxies and Cosmology
Six units of electives approved by the department:6
ASTR 3300 or ASTR 3310, whichever has not satisfied the above requirement
Observational Astronomy
Physical Chemistry II
Instrumental Analysis
Atmospheric Chemistry
Introduction to Geochemistry
Geochemical Thermodynamics
Total Units31