Minor in Music

The Minor in Music offers the opportunity for non-music majors to participate in the performing, creative, and scholarly activities of the Music Department. The 19-unit minor begins with lower-division introductory studies in music appreciation, music theory, and on performing on an instrument/voice, and continues with participation in chamber and/or large performance ensembles (such as orchestra, choir, or band), as well as upper-division elective courses in the scholarly and/or musicological study of various topics within the discipline.

Requirements for a minor in Music (19 units)

MUS 1800Music Appreciation3
Three units chosen from:3
Fundamentals of Music Theory
Music Theory I: Diatonic Harmony
Two units chosen from:2
Class Guitar
Class Voice
Class Piano I
Class Piano II
Nine units chosen from:9
Western Music History to 1700
Western Music History from 1700 to 1900
Women in Music
Jazz History in America and African-American Culture
Global Music
Music in the United States
Music for the Screen
Music in Video Games
Topics in Music History
Two units chosen from:2
MUS 3821-3838: Chamber Music Ensembles
Symphony Orchestra
Symphonic Band
Concert Choir
Chamber Singers
Total Units19