Minor in Geography

Geography is concerned with the spatial variations and interrelationships between the natural and cultural processes. As an approach to knowledge, geography forms an interdisciplinary bridge between the physical and cultural worlds, examining both people and their environment.

Requirements for a minor in Geography (18 units)

Lower-division requirements (6)
3 units chosen from:3
Physical Geography
Physical Geography Laboratory
Environment and Society
3 units chosen from:3
Introduction to Human Geography
World Regions and Peoples
Upper-division requirements (12)
6 units chosen from:6
Social Geography
Cultural Geography
Urban Geography
Economic Geography
Political Geography
Geography of Tourism
3 units chosen from:3
Geography of California
US-Mexico Border Region
Emerging World Regions
Advanced World Regions
3 units chosen from:3
Weather and Climate
Conservation and Natural Resources
Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Inquiry and Education
Environmental Policy and Impact Assessment
Watershed Hydrology and Management
Climate Change
Coastal Resources Management
Water Wars
Ecosystem Assessment
National Parks and Public Lands
Total Units18