Minor in Statistics

The statistics minor has a minimum requirement of 34 credits. The minor in statistics consists of 8 required courses (28 units) and 2 elective courses (6 units).  Our goal with the statistics minor is to offer a concentrated applied and theoretical curriculum. The statistics minor is suitable for chemistry, computer science & engineering, mathematics, and physics majors who already complete coursework in Calculus and/or Statistics with Applications. Upon completion of this program, students will

1. understand fundamental theoretical and applied principles of statistics needed for the job market.
2. acquire programming skills required for data analysis.
3. be able to communicate effective statistical concepts to statisticians and non-statisticians, both verbally and in writing.
4. be able to effectively conduct quantitative analyses which is compliant with industry and academic standards.

Requirements for a minor in Statistics (34 units)

Lower-division Requirements (19)
MATH 2210Calculus I4
MATH 2220Calculus II4
MATH 2265Statistics with Applications3
MATH 2310Applied Linear Algebra4
MATH 2320Multivariable Calculus4
Upper-division Requirements (9)
MATH 3460Probability Theory3
MATH 3465Computational Statistics3
MATH 4360Linear Statistical Models3
Electives (6)
Two courses chosen from the following, with at least one MATH course. MATH 5510 may count towards elective units with departmental permission.6
Statistical Methods for Machine Learning
Mathematical Statistics
Big Data Analytics
Biostatistics for Health Science
Advanced Psychological Statistics
Biostatistics and Experimental Design
Total Units34