Minor in Linguistics

The Linguistics Minor provides students with a strong introduction to various aspects of language, including speech sounds, grammar, discourse, language acquisition, and language use and its relationship to context, culture, and thought.  This minor builds expertise relevant to careers in speech therapy, health communication, conflict management, business and marketing, voice recognition, search engine optimization, artificial intelligence, cyber security, education, social services, and other areas. As such, it may be of particular interest to students majoring in a foreign language, computer science, psychology, anthropology, communication studies, philosophy, social work, nursing, or health science. It is open, however, to students in any major.  The program includes one required course and five elective linguistics classes.

Requirements for a minor in Linguistics (18 units)

Required Course (3)
ENG 3110Introduction to Linguistics3
Electives (15)
Fifteen units chosen from:15
Language, Thought, and Culture
English Grammar
Child Language and Literacy Development
Second Language Acquisition
Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
Language and Speech Science
Grammar and Discourse
Child Language Disorders
Phonetics and Phonology
Studies in Language and Linguistics
Total Units18