Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design

This program is for students with strong professional interest in design; desire to select a concentration and specialize in either Interface Design, Motion, 3D, or Marketing; and desire to complete a capstone thesis project in design.

Requirements (72 units)

Total units required for graduation: 121 units

Requirements for the B.F.A. in Design

Lower-Division Core (24)
DES 1100Digital Applications Basics3
DES 1104Design Theory in Context3
DES 1103Social History of Design3
DES 1110Fundamental Design Principles3
DES 1125Design Thinking - Problem Solving & Critical Thinking in Visual Studies3
DES 2600Digital 3D and Time-Based Media3
DES 2005Typography and Layout3
DES 2405Application Programming for Designers3
Upper-Division Core (24)
DES 3100Junior Portfolio Review0
DES 3130Junior Design Topics3
DES 3500Business of Creativity3
DES 3130Junior Design Topics3
DES 3715User Interface and User Experience Design3
DES 4130Senior Design Topics3
DES 4100Design Center - Collaborative Project-Based Learning3
DES 4130Senior Design Topics3
DES 5590Design Internship3
or DES 4195 Design Portfolio
Capstone Courses (12)
DES 5100Design Capstone Thesis: Research6
DES 5115Design Capstone Thesis: Project6
Concentration (12)
Complete four courses in one of the concentrations listed below.12
Total Units72

Concentrations (12 units)

Interface Design Concentration (12 units)

(Program Code: DSID)

DES 4015Advertising and Promotion Design3
DES 3700Infographic and Data Visualization Design3
DES 3205Web and Application Design3
DES 3020Branding and Brand Identity Design3
Total Units12

Motion Graphics Concentration (12 units)

(Program Code: DSMO)

DES 3600Digital Motion Graphics3
DES 3615Video Editing3
DES 4625Storyboarding3
DES 4610Virtual Reality3
Total Units12

3D Concentration (12 units)

(Program Code: DDDD)

DES 3800Advanced Modeling3
DES 3835Character Design3
DES 4800Computer-Aided Design (CAD)3
DES 48253D Animation3
Total Units12

Marketing Concentration (12 units)

(Program Code: DSMK)

Marketing Concentration (12)
MKTG 3050Marketing Principles3
MKTG 4100Consumer Behavior3
MKTG 4460Integrated Marketing Communications3
MKTG 4750Digital Marketing3
Total Units12