Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art Studies

This program is designed for students with a general interest in the studio arts, who may want to also pursue coursework in other areas.

Requirements (36)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Visual Art Studies

(Program Code: VAST)

Lower Division Studio Requirements (21)
Choose three foundation courses from the following list:9
2D Foundation: Line, Color and Composition
3D Foundation: Form, Space & Time
Creative Technology for Artists
Language of Art
Introduction to Drawing and Life Drawing
Choose 2 beginning courses for a total of 6 units:6
Beginning Imaging and Illustration
Beginning Photography
Beginning Painting
Beginning Ceramics
Beginning Glass
Beginning Sculpture
Art History. Choose one lower-division Art History course from:3
Art History Methodologies 1
Art History Methodologies 2
Art History Foundations 1
Art History Foundations 2
Visual Studies. One lower division Visual Studies course.3
Upper Division Studio Requirements: (12)
Choose 2 core intermediate level courses.6
Intermediate Drawing and Life Drawing
Intermediate Imaging and Illustration
Intermediate Photography
Intermediate Painting
Intermediate Ceramics
Intermediate Glass
Intermediate Sculpture
Choose 2 advanced level courses, one must be 4000 level.6
Special Topics in Art
Advanced Drawing and Life Drawing
Advanced Imaging and Illustration
Advanced Photography + Video Art
Advanced Painting
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Glass
Advanced Sculpture
Senior Capstone (3)
ART 5500Undergraduate Professional Practices3
Total Units36