Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy

* pending Chancellor's Office approval

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy is a four-year plus internship undergraduate degree that prepares students to be leaders among their communities in the field of music therapy. Music Therapy is an allied health profession in which music interventions are used to address therapeutic or palliative care needs. Our program is designed to generate an understanding of music, human development and exceptionality, clinical practice, and the music therapy process through classroom experience and clinical training in local and community-based settings.

This degree provides not only required core courses in music, clinical studies, and music therapy practice--thereby providing the professional competencies required by the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)--but also 1200 hours of supervised clinical training (at least 900 of which are completed through the internship process). Completing this degree will prepare students to sit for the certification exam with the Certification Board for Music Therapists (the MT-BC credential).

Requirements: 74 Units

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Music Therapy

MUS 1000Music Forum (must take at least 4 times)4
MUS 2120Music Theory I: Diatonic Harmony3
MUS 2125Musicianship I2
MUS 2130Music Theory II: Chromatic Harmony3
MUS 2135Musicianship II2
MUS 2230Class Piano IV1
MUS 2660Electronic Music Production3
Four units chosen from the student's instrument of study:4
Lower-Division Voice I
Lower-Division Keyboard I
Lower-Division String Instrument I
Lower-Division Wind Instrument I
Lower-Division Brass Instrument I
Lower-Division Percussion Instrument I
Lower-Division Voice II
Lower-Division Keyboard II
Lower-Division String Instrument II
Lower-Division Wind Instrument II
Lower-Division Brass Instrument II
Lower-Division Percussion Instrument II
Six units chosen from the following (at least two must be MUS 3860)6
Large Music Ensemble
Symphony Orchestra
Symphonic Band
Concert Choir
Chamber Singers
MUS 2050Class Guitar 1
MUS 2060Class Voice1
MUS 2700Music Therapy Orientation3
MUS 2750Functional Skills for Music Therapy3
MUS 2770Improvisation for Music Therapy2
MUS 3050Western Music History from 1700 to 19003
MUS 3500Global Music3
MUS 3760Psychology of Music3
MUS 3780Clinical Principles in Music Therapy3
MUS 3781Music Therapy Observation2
Two units of Music Therapy Group Lab2
Music Therapy Group Lab
MUS 3790Music Therapy for Adults2
MUS 3791Music Therapy for Children2
PSYC 1100Introduction to Psychology3
PSYC 3390Abnormal Psychology3
Four units of Music Therapy Practicum4
Music Therapy Practicum
Internship in Music Therapy (6 units total required)6
Internship in Music Therapy
Total Units74