Certificate in Immersive Storytelling, Design, & Innovative Marketing Communication

The art of the story is evolving as media become more participatory and more immersive. Creators must utilize immersive technologies like mixed and virtual reality, 360-degree technology, and video games to excel in developing and marketing their ideas, products and services. This 15-unit certificate prepares any major to become an adept creator of immersive stories. Students will synthesize the disciplines of theater, design, visual art, creative writing, computer science, data science, marketing, business, and communications, into concepts of storytelling.  Then, through four courses and a capstone project, students will merge their ideas with creative technology platforms to build a portfolio of immersive work, launching them into this dynamic field.

Core Requirements (15 units)

CSE 1300Introduction to Data Science3
CAL 3000Foundations and Theoretical Concepts of Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technologies 3
CAL 3010Extended Reality, Storytelling, and World Building 3
CAL 3020Story-driven Game Design3
CAL 3030Immersive Storytelling, Product Design, and Integrated Marketing Communication3
Total Units15