Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language, Literature, and Culture

Requirements (44 units)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Arabic Language, Literature, and Culture

(Program Code: ARAB)

  1. Proficiency in Arabic equal to that of ARAB 1112 or equivalent.
  2. No more than 18 units in Arabic can be transferred from other institutions.
  3. Students who have completed high school in an Arab country may get credit for up to 8 units of second year Arabic. 
  4. Students who have completed Arabic as a second langauge in High School must take a placement exam. Highest placement is second year Arabic. 
Lower-division requirements (8)
Eight units chosen from:8
Arabic Communication
Arabic Literature and societies
Arabic Media
Arabic for Professional Communication
Upper-division requirements (15)
ARAB 3111Arab Culture, Media and Identity3
ARAB 3112Explorations of Arabic Literary Texts3
ARAB 3113Spoken Arabic 3
ARAB 3114Introduction to Arabic Linguistics3
ARAB 3150Arabic Conversation Activity 1
ARAB 3160Writing Explorations 1
ARAB 4500Signature Work 1
Electives (21)
Twenty one units chosen from:21
(Only 6 units may be chosen from courses taught in English)
Introduction to Arabic Translation
Explorations in Arabic Media
Advanced Arabic for Professional Communication
Advanced Readings in Arabic
Arabic Pedagogy
Courses Taught in English
Female Voices in Arab American Literature (Taught in English )
Voices and Visions from the Arab World (Taught in English)
Global Perspectives and Study Abroad
Total Units44

Minor/Certificate in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Students receiving a minor, certificate or B.A. in Arabic Language, Literature and Culture may also be able to earn a minor or certificate in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies.