Multiple Subject Credential

A teacher with a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential is authorized to teach students in grades pre-K through 12 in self-contained classrooms, or in classes organized primarily for adults. The credential holder may serve in a core or team-teaching setting.  This credential includes the English Learner Authorization which permits the teacher to provide instruction for English language development.

The Multiple Subject Credential Program (MSCP) is a post-baccalaureate program focusing on preparing teachers for California. The 34-semester unit program includes early field experiences in elementary schools, combined with coursework, supervised student teaching and two cycles of assessments (i.e., CalTPA). Supervised student teaching requires full-time attendance at an elementary or middle school. Program requirements must be met within five years of the date of admission to the program.

The Multiple Subject Credential Program provides the sequence of courses, deadlines, and other program related information.

The Multiple Subject Credential Program has the following four concentrations:

  1. Multiple Subject Credential (i.e., credential with traditional student teaching)
  2. Multiple Subject Intern Credential (i.e., credential with district-employed internship)
  3. Multiple Subject Credential with Bilingual Added Authorization in Spanish (i.e., credential with traditional student teaching)
  4. Multiple Subject Credential with Bilingual Added Authorization in Spanish Internship (i.e., credential with district-employed internship)

The above credential concentrations are available to post baccalaureate students and to undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies: Integrated Program.

The Intern Credential Program of 40 semester units is for those students who have been placed in an employment setting. Interns are issued a two-year intern credential from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and are employed by a partnering school district. If a candidate does not secure a job, he/she may pursue the basic credential program as a student teacher.  The intern program requires three semesters of supervised teaching. The internship may begin in any semester.

Bilingual Authorization allows the holder to provide instruction to English Learners (EL). The license permits the following types of instruction to ELs, (a) Instruction for English Language Development (ELD), (b) Instruction for Primary Language Development, (c) Specially Designed Academic Instruction Delivered in English (SDAIE), and (d) Content Instruction Delivered in the Primary Language.

For information about the credential program and advisement please contact the program coordinator or the College of Education Program Admissions Advisor.

Preliminary Credential

Successful completion of any concentration in the Multiple Subject Credential Program leads to the Preliminary Credential, which is valid for five years.  Applicants for the  Preliminary Credential are required to:

  1. hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution within the U.S. or equivalent;
  2. complete the U. S. Constitution requirement;
  3. complete the Basic Skills Requirement (e.g., CBEST);
  4. hold a Certificate of Clearance (CTC fingerprint clearance);
  5. demonstrate subject matter competence by passing the California Subject Examinations for Teachers: Multiple Subjects (CSET: Multiple Subjects) or completion of a CTC-approved subject matter preparation program;
  6. complete all program courses with no grade lower than a "B-";
  7. successfully complete student teaching or supervised internship;
  8. pass the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) examination;
  9.  pass Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 of the California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA);
  10. for the Bilingual Added Authorization concentration candidates demonstrate competence in specialized pedagogy, culture, and the target language. Spanish language proficiency may be met through coursework or state-approved exams.

Early Completion Intern Option

Intern teachers may challenge the coursework portion of the Multiple Subject Credential Intern Program and demonstrate pedagogical skills by passing the CTC-approved performance assessment. For details, see the CTC Website on this topic.

Clear Credential

The Preliminary Credential is valid for five years from the date of issuance and is not renewable. During the first five years of teaching, teachers earn the clear credential through their district-sponsored Induction Program.

Admission to the Program

Students apply to the university through Cal State Apply and concurrently submit a 'Supplemental Application' for admission to the program.  

Applicant Submits the following to Cal State Apply Supplemental Application:

  1. Verification of subject matter competence via one of the following: (a) successful completion of a CTC approved subject matter competency program or approved equivalent or (b) official copy of the valid CSET Electronic Score Report;
  2. Two recommendations forms from two individuals (not a family member) who are able to evaluate and address the applicant's scholastic performance and suitability for teaching;
  3. A written, personal narrative/essay (600-700 words) on (a) reasons for wanting to be an elementary school teacher and (b) background that prepares the applicant to be a teacher;
  4. Verification of a valid negative TB test result via one of the following, (a) an official immunization record stamped by the healthcare provider, (b) an official letterhead signed by the healthcare provider (Risk Assessment Questionnaires are not acceptable), Note: Negative TB test results are valid for four years from the date of the test and must remain valid for the duration of the program;
  5. Official transcript(s) from each institution attended with the exception of California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) submitted directly to the Jim and Judy Watson College of Education Student Services Office (CE 102) by the program deadline date.
    1. All applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.67 or of 2.75 in their last 60 semester units of 90 quarter units); 
    2. All applicants must verify successful completion ENG 3110. All applicants must also verify completion of either: (A) EDMS 3010; or (B) (i) CD 2240 and (ii) EDMS 3011 or CD 2246;
  6. Documentation of at least 45 hours of field experience in K-12 classrooms via any of the following: (a) early field experience verification form, (b) original letterhead signed by the authorized school personnel, (c) original field log signed by the authorized school personnel (Applicants who have successfully completed EDMS 2301 and one of the following: (A) EDMS 3010 and (B) (i) CD 2240 and (ii) EDMS 3011 or CD 2246 at CSUSB are exempt from this requirement);
  7. Verification from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) of the issuance of a valid California Certificate of Clearance, credential or permit; 
  8. Verification of successful completion of the Basic Skills Requirement 
  9. Completion of the upper-division writing requirement at the university or the equivalent graduation requirement at another accredited institution, or a passing score on the CSUSB Writing Requirement Exemption Evaluation (WREE), or a passing score on the written portion of the CBEST (Note: CBEST examination does not meet the graduate entrance writing requirement for the Master of Arts degree);
  10. Verification of the $35 non-refundable application processing fee.

All applicants who have submitted a complete application will receive notification within 10 working days of submission via MyCoyote email to set-up a mandatory faculty interview. Admission to the program is based on (a) the successful completion of the faculty interview, and (b) attendance at the New Student Orientation meeting at which time  applicants will also complete a Student Teaching Placement Application.

Admission to Supervised Student Teaching

Students must apply for supervised student teaching (EDMS 4107A) along with the Supplemental Application. Admission to supervised student teaching is based on the following criteria and conditions:

  1. Successful completion of pre-requisite courses:
  2. Concurrent enrollment in the following courses: EDMS 4100, 4101A or 4101B, 4102, 4103, and 4104.

Admission to the Intern Program

In addition to the steps, conditions and criteria outlined above for the Multiple Subject Credential Program the applicant must fulfill the following:

  1. Submit an application to the intern program,
  2. Successfully complete prerequisite and co-requisite courses,
  3. Successfully complete the following pre-service courses with a grade of B- or better (candidates can apply to the program while concurrently enrolled in these courses): EDMS 4100, 4101A or 4101B, 4102, and 4103;
  4. Provide Verification of Employment by a school district that has a contractual agreement with the university. The intern is employed full time and is assigned to teach in a self-contained classroom while enrolled in courses at CSUSB. (A listing of these districts is in the Handbook for Multiple Subject Credential Programs.)
  5. Apply for an intern credential once admitted to the intern track and the job is secured. Submit the application for the intern license to CE 102.

Admission to the Bilingual Added Authorization in Spanish Program

To receive the Bilingual Added Authorization in Spanish students must take the following courses:

EDMS 4101B: Language Arts Teaching and Learning (Spanish)                 3 units

(To be taken instead of EDMS 4101A)

SPAN 3305: Applied Spanish Grammar                                                        3 units

HUM 3335: The Origin and Contemporary Role of Latino Culture              3 units

(SPAN 3305 and HUM 3335 must be taken prior to admission to the Credential Program)

Supervised Student teaching or Supervised Intern Teaching must be done in a bilingual classroom. All students seeking the Bilingual Added Authorization in Spanish must consult with the faculty advisor for students in this concentration.

Credential Requirements (30-36 units)

Courses for all four concentrations. Students must complete all program course work with a grade point average of 3.0 ("B") with no course grade lower than "B-."

EDMS 4100Psychological Foundations of Education 3
EDMS 4101ALanguage Arts Teaching and Learning3
or EDMS 4101B Language Arts Teaching and Learning in Bilingual Settings
EDMS 4102Pedagogical Foundations for Teaching English Learners3
EDMS 4103Creating Supportive and Engaging Learning Environments 2
EDMS 5104Mathematics Teaching and Learning 3
EDMS 5105Science Teaching and Learning3
EMAT 5100Technology and Instructional Practices for Educators1
EDMS 5106ASocial Studies and the Arts Teaching and Learning 3
or EDMS 5106B Social Studies and the Arts Teaching and Learning in Bilingual Settings
EMAT 5101Education, Diversity and Social Justice 3
EDMS 4110Assessment Seminar: CalTPA Cycle3
Total Units27

Additional Course Requirement for Multiple Subject Credential & Multiple Subject Credential with Bilingual Added Authorization.

In addition to completing the above core courses, students in Concentration 1 (Multiple Subject Credential) and Concentration 3 (Bilingual Added Authorization) complete the following supervision classes. Students in the Bilingual Added Authorization concentration are placed in dual language classrooms.

EDMS 4107ASupervised Student Teaching in Multiple Subject3
Total Units3

Additional Course Requirement for Multiple Subject Intern Credential  Concentration

In addition to completing the basic courses listed above Interns must complete the following three Supervised Intern Teaching Experiences and the Internship Seminar. Students in the Bilingual Added Authorization concentration are placed in dual language classrooms.

EDMS 4108ASupervised Intern Teaching in Multiple Subject I3
EDMS 4108BSupervised Intern Teaching in Multiple Subject II 3
EDMS 4109Internship Seminar for Multiple Subject3
Total Units9

Additional Requirements for the Preliminary Credential

Students must successfully complete:

  1. One of the following to fulfill the United States Constitution requirement (or successful completion of an examination administered through the College of Extended Learning):
    HIST 1460History of the United States: Pre-Colonization to Present3
    HIST 2000United States History to 18773
    HIST 5400Constitutional History of the United States3
    PSCI 4100American Constitutional Law3
    PSCI 2030Government of the United States3
    HIST 1460HHonors History of the United States: Pre-Colonization to Present3
    PSCI 4110The Bill of Rights3
    PSCI 2030HGovernment of the United States--Honors3
  2. The Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) exam with a passing score;
  3. The teacher performance assessment (CalTPA) with a passing score.

Upon successfully completing the program and the above additional requirements, candidates are eligible to apply for the preliminary credential.

Requirements for the Professional Clear Credential may be obtained from the employing school district.

Note: Students must consult the current information sheet for this credential in the Teacher Education Office, CE-102. In addition, students may be eligible for SB 57 Early Completion Internship Option. See information in the Teacher Education Office.