Bachelor of Arts in Computer Systems

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Systems program emphasizes the application of principles to practical problem solving in a domain of interest. Students complete a core set of foundation courses and courses in one of the following concentrations: system administration, game development, and general interdisciplinary.

Requirements (60-67 units)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Computer Systems

Lower-division requirements (21)
CSE 2010Computer Science I4
CSE 2020Computer Science II4
CSE 2130Machine Organization3
MATH 2210Calculus I4
MATH 2720Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 2265Statistics with Applications3
Upper-division requirements (12)
CSE 4050Web Application Development3
CSE 4500Platform Computing3
CSE 4550Software Engineering3
CSE 4880Ethics Senior Seminar3
Ethics Senior Seminar will count towards the GE Writing Intensive Requirement.
Electives (9)
Nine units chosen from CSE courses numbered 3000 and above.9
Concentration (18-25)
Students must satisfy the requirements of one of the concentrations listed below:18-25
Total Units60-67

Concentrations (18-25 units)

General Interdisciplinary Concentration (18 units)

(Program Code: CSGI)

Three units chosen from CSE courses numbered 3000 and above. 3
Fifteen units of coursework in another discipline such as a minor or other cohesive program of study; subject to approval by the School of Computer Science and Engineering.15
Total Units18

Game Development Concentration (25 units)

(Program Code: CSGD)

PHYS 2500General Physics I4
or PHYS 2000 Introduction to Physics I
MATH 2220Calculus II4
MATH 2310Applied Linear Algebra4
PHYS 2500LGeneral Physics I Lab1
or PHYS 2000L Introduction to Physics I Lab
CSE 4200Computer Graphics3
CSE 4410Game Programming3
CSE 4400Game Design3
Three units of supporting coursework such as 3D modeling, animation, level design, image editing, and other coursework related to game development. Subject to approval by the School of Computer Science and Engineering.3
Total Units25

System Administration Concentration (23 units)

(Program Code: CSSA)

CSE 3100Digital Logic4
CSE 3650Systems Administration I3
CSE 3660Systems Administration II3
CSE 4010Contemporary Computer Architecture4
CSE 4600Operating Systems3
CSE 5720Database Systems3
Three units chosen from CSE courses numbered 3000 and above.3
Total Units23