Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Also offered through the College of Extended Learning

As prerequisite for acceptance into the B.A. in Criminal Justice, students must complete the following as a “Pre-criminal justice major.” Upon successful completion of the requirements, student’s major will be changed automatically from “Pre-criminal justice” to “Criminal Justice” status. Following formal entrance to the criminal justice major, students may proceed with upper-division CJUS courses.

Requirements to enter the B.A. in Criminal Justice

Completion of the following:

General Education Basic Skills in English (3)
One (1) of the following:3
Stretch Composition II
Stretch Composition II for Multilingual Students
First-Year Composition
First-Year Composition for Multilingual Students
Writing Rhetorically
General Education Basic Skills in Oral Communication (3)
One (1) of the following:3
Oral Communication
Communicating Orally
General Education Basic Skills in Mathematics (3)
One (1) of the following:3
Mathematics and Society
Stretch Mathematics and Society B
Introduction to Statistical Thinking
Stretch Introduction to Statistical Thinking B
Modeling with Functions
Stretch Modeling with Functions B
Accelerated Preparation for Calculus
Preparation for Calculus B
Modeling with Calculus
Calculus I
General Education Basic Skills in Critical Thinking (3)
One (1) of the following:3
Critical Thinking Through Argumentation
Thinking Critically
Critical Thinking Through Applications of Mathematical Logic
Critical Thinking Through Argument Analysis
Critical Thinking Through Symbolic Logic
Critical Thinking in Everyday Life
Critical Thinking about Social Issues
Total Units12

Students are encouraged to take the above classes prior to taking the Criminal Justice classes below.

CJUS 1101Introduction to the Criminal Justice System3
CJUS 1102Criminal Law3
CJUS 3320Theories of Crime and Delinquency3

The grades earned in CJUS 1101 and CJUS 1102 must not be lower than a "C" (2.0). The grade earned in CJUS 3320 must not be lower than a "C-"(1.7).  The GPA in the pre major should not be lower than a 2.3 and overall GPA must not be lower than 2.5.

A student may enroll in a criminal justice class three times. If a student does not successfully complete the course after three enrollments, the student must change majors if the course is a required course. Students may appeal to the department academic standards committee.

Criminal Justice is an impacted major with GPA entry requirement. The Criminal Justice Department will determine entry standards annually based on enrollments.

Requirements (45 units)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Criminal Justice

(Program Code: CJUS)

Lower-division requirements (6)
(prerequisites for upper-division courses)
CJUS 1101Introduction to the Criminal Justice System3
CJUS 1102Criminal Law3
Upper-division requirements (21)
CJUS 3311Research Methods in Criminal Justice3
CJUS 3312Statistics in Criminal Justice3
CJUS 3320Theories of Crime and Delinquency3
CJUS 3330Correctional Theory and Institutions3
CJUS 3340Police and Police Systems3
CJUS 5598Integrative Studies in Criminal Justice3
SSCI 3060Expository Writing for the Social Sciences3
Electives (18)
Note: Students transferring from community colleges may substitute a maximum of 9 lower-division units selected from administration of justice courses toward the electives category.
Eighteen units chosen from:18
Criminal Investigations
Intelligence & Crime Analysis 1
Law and the Courts
Crime Prevention
Correctional Administration
Community Corrections
Correctional Counseling
Police Administration
Community Policing
Women and Crime
White Collar Crime
Forensic Profiling
Drugs and the Criminal Justice System
Domestic Violence
Hate Crime, Law, and Policy
Justice and the Media
Criminal Procedure
Wildlife Crime
Preventing Crime in Transportation Systems
Intelligence & Crime Analysis 2
Homeland Security
Transnational Organized Crime
Crime Pattern Detection
Crime in Public Spaces
Social Network Analysis
Juvenile Justice
Life Course Criminality
Peer Advising in Criminal Justice
Internship in Criminal Justice
CJUS 5901, 5902, 5903
Topics in Criminal Justice
CJUS 5951, 5952, 5953
Independent Study
Senior Honors Project
Total Units45

Note: With consent of department course substitution committee, six upper-division units in related fields may be substituted for six units of the elective requirement.