Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

Offered online through the College of Extended and Global Education

This program is designed for students who wish to teach social science subjects in California’s schools, middle school through high school, or who wish to build a unique BA in Social Sciences program that suits their interests and professional goals.

For those interested in teaching, in addition to this coursework, students will have to pass 2 California pre-credential exams in order to be admitted into a Teaching Credential Program, post-BA: the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET), which encompasses knowledge and understanding primarily of history, but also economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology and the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) which is comprised of three subtests: basic math, reading, and writing skills for individuals planning a career in teaching.  

The core discipline in the program is history, as that is the most widely taught social science subject in secondary schools. Students may choose an alternative core set of courses or discipline in consultation with an Advisor or the Program Coordinator.

Students also choose a second concentration in one of the other five disciplines: economics, geography, political science, psychology, or sociology.  

Students interested in pursuing Teaching are encouraged to see their Social Science advisor early in their program for assistance in choosing courses.

For those with interests outside of teaching in multidisciplinary and individualized programs, this program is also designed for students with a varied set of academic and career interests. Students develop skills in areas that are deemed crucial in a wide array of contemporary professions: Globalism, Multiculturalism, and Intercultural Fluency, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Oral and Written Communication, Teamwork and Collaboration, and Professionalism and Work Ethics. For students interested in the multidisciplinary and individualized programs, it is recommended that you first meet with an Academic Advisor in order to develop your program. All multidisciplinary and individualized programs must be approved by the BA in Social Sciences Coordinator.

Additionally, students looking to enhance their career prospects may elect to complete up to 6 units of SSCI 5750 Internship and 6 units of SSCI 5950 Independent Studies, for a total of 3-12, with the consent of the Program Coordinator.

Degree Requirements (48 units)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Upper-division requirements (15)
Nine units chosen from:9
Global Issues and Perspectives
Global Issues and Perspectives
Revolutions and Revolutionary Ideas
Revolutions and Revolutionary Ideas
The 20th Century World
Race and Racism
Perspectives on Gender
Understanding Capitalism
Six units chosen from:6
Expository Writing for the Social Sciences
California Water History and Resource Management
Senior Seminar
Primary Field (18)
Students must take 18 additional upper-division courses in history or design another 18 unit field in consultation with the Program Coordinator.18
Concentrations (15)
Students must also satisfy the requirements of one of the concentrations listed below or design their own Concentration in consultation with the Program Coordinator.15
Total Units48

Concentrations (15 units)

Economics Concentration

(Program Code: SSEO)

Economics (15)
Fifteen units of upper-division Economics coursework15
Total Units15

Geography Concentration

(Program Code: SSGO) 

Geography (15)
Fifteen units of upper-division Geography coursework15
Total Units15

Political Science Concentration

(Program Code: SSPO) 

Political Science (15)
Fifteen units of upper-division Political Science coursework15
Total Units15

Psychology Concentration

(Program Code: SPSO) 

Psychology (15)
Fifteen units of upper-division Psychology coursework15
Total Units15

Sociology Concentration

(Program Code: SSSO) 

Sociology (15)
SOC 1000Introduction to Sociology3
Twelve units of upper-division Sociology coursework12
Total Units15