Art Education (AAED)


AAED 2431. Art in the Classroom. Units: 3

Provides experiential art skills and current art education theory and practice for the elementary classroom teacher and for Art students wishing to facilitate art in school or community settings. Students will learn how to design art lessons and art activities based on works of art in accordance with National Visual Arts Standards. Formerly known as ART 2395 / ART 395. One hour lecture and four hours of studio activity per week. Materials fee required.

AAED 3432. Critical and Pedagogical Theories in Contemporary Art and Design Education. Units: 3

This project-based learning course examines pedagogical theories and the ways that social and cultural issues inform the construction of meaning in diverse learning spaces throughout society. Students will analyze practices of visual studies including collaboration processes and pedagogy for K-12 and community-based art education. Students will engage in an interactive process of research, theory, and practice and apply learning through the creation of art. Materials fee required. One hour of lecture and three hours of activity per week. Formerly known as ART 3400.

AAED 4431. Visual Literacy and Media Technology in Art and Design Education. Units: 3

Semester Prerequisite: ART 1140 and ART 2260
This course focuses on the integration of emerging technologies and visual literacy into art and design education for K-12 classroom settings. Using basic browser-based applications to more advanced multimedia production, students will gain experience with creating works of art, interpreting visual culture, and integrating technology into art and design education curriculum. Students will also understand accessibility-related challenges and implement creative solutions. At the end of the course, students will develop a critical understanding of technology in contemporary society to promote visual literacy by finding accessibility-based technology to create artwork and curriculum that engages with visual culture. One hour lecture and three hours studio activity per week. Materials fee required.

AAED 4432. Community-based Art Practicum. Units: 3

Semester Prerequisite: AAED 3431: Art and Human Development and AAED 3432: Art in the Classroom
In this service-learning course, students apply theories of contemporary art and pedagogy in practice to reflect on, design, and implement relevant art activities, a community-based project, or a participatory research project in the arts with a local community partner. Formerly known as ART 4551 / ART 540. May be taken two times for a total of 6 units. One hour lecture and three hours studio activity per week. Materials fee required.

AAED 4433. Leadership and Engagement in the Arts. Units: 3

Prerequisites: AAED 3431 and AAED 3432
This senior level course emphasizes topics critical to arts administration such as organizational theory, budgeting, board development, and fundraising. The course will examine the historical development of arts administration as a professional field, issues that affect contemporary organizations, and how individual skills relate. In this course, students will develop their own professional profiles. Students should have background knowledge about art and human development as well as current art education theory and practice. Formerly ART 4520. Materials fee required.

AAED 5431. Methodologies and Curriculum Development in Art and Design Education. Units: 3

This course is a synthesis of educational theory, studio practice, student assessment, and contemporary topics in art education for teaching art and design in secondary school classrooms. Students will gain experience with sequential curriculum writing, art creation, and pedagogical implementation. Additionally, students will observe and participate with diverse populations in secondary school settings. On completion, learners will be proficient in curriculum development and instruction with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach, technological content, and practice of cultural responsiveness with diverse student populations. One hour lecture and three hours studio activity per week. Formerly known as ART 5499 / ART 499. Materials fee required.