Education-Elementary/Bilingual Education (EELB)


EELB 5420. Seminar in Elementary/Bilingual Education. Unit: 1

Semester Prerequisite: admission to the Multiple Subject Credential Program and consent of the instructor
Intensive study of topics and problems in education for candidates seeking the Bilingual Added Authorization. May be repeated for credit as subject matter changes and with consent of instructor.

EELB 5500. Social and Cultural Contexts of Bilingual Education. Units: 3

Examination of the social and cultural contexts of bilingual education in the United States. Sociological, societal, historical and cultural contexts in which multilingual learners are educated, including social context, cultural norms and school practices with particular attention to language minority student populations.

EELB 6100. Theory and Approaches in Bilingual Education. Units: 4

Quarter Prerequisite: consent of instructor
Survey of theories, policies and approaches to educating bilingual learners, including bilingual/ crosscultural teaching approaches, instructional modes and program types.

EELB 6200. Bilingual Language and Literacy Development. Units: 3

Examines the language and literacy development of bilingual students from a range of perspectives, with a special emphasis on sociocultural, psycholinguistic, and sociolinguistic understandings of these processes. Formerly offered as EELB 626.

EELB 6250. Instruction and Innovation in Bilingual Education. Units: 4

Semester Prerequisite: EELB 5500
Examines the theoretical bases of innovations in curriculum, instruction and school reform to meet the needs of students in bilingual education. Emphasizes practices, pedagogies and instructional approaches to integrating English and Spanish in the classroom; integrating subject matter content and language.

EELB 6300. Bilingualism and Cognitive Development in Schools. Units: 4

Examines the cognitive development of bilingual learners in school settings. For educators this requires an understanding of the connectedness of social, institutional, motivational and interactional factors which foster the cognitive and academic language development of bilingual students. Includes instructional practices, methods and strategies that foster language and academic development.

EELB 6350. Curriculum and Materials for Bilingual Classrooms. Units: 4

Semester Prerequisite: EELB 6100
Provides participants with advanced knowledge of curriculum design, lesson design and assessment for effective bilingual and English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. Identifying, selecting, evaluating and designing materials and digital resources for bilingual classrooms.

EELB 6400. Research in Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Education. Units: 4

Survey of current topics in the field of bilingual/crosscultural education and their applications in the classroom. Overview of research methods, interpreting research, and conducting classroom-based research and practitioner inquiry in bilingual classrooms.

EELB 6980. Comprehensive Examination: Bilingual / Crosscultural Education. Units: 0

Semester Prerequisite: Advancement to candidacy, approval of department, completion of course work in the masters program and in good academic standing. Quarter Prerequisite: advancement to candidacy, approval of department, completion of course work in the masters program and in good academic standing
A assessment of the candidate's ability to integrate the knowledge of the field of bilingual/ crosscultural education, show critical and independent thinking and demonstrate mastery of the subject matter. Graded credit/no credit. Formerly EELB 999.