Hospitality Management (HOSM)


HOSM 1600. Restaurant Management. Units: 3

The principles of restaurant management and foodservice operations with particular attention to safety, sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness standards. Topics include menu planning, concept development, food production methods, procurement, budgeting and cost control analysis. The Food Protection Manager certification exam will be taught and assessed in this course. Formerly MKTG 1600.

HOSM 2500. Hospitality and Tourism Management. Units: 3

This course includes the management of hotels, clubs, casinos, and resort properties in the areas of operations, customer service delivery, technology, property maintenance, and quality assurance. Front desk, rooms division, human resources, concierge, banquet, facilities, sales and marketing, and other departments will be reviewed. Tourism topics include destination marketing, itinerary planning, global travel, and intercultural communications that are the prerequisites for the annual study abroad to Italy during spring break. Formerly MKTG 2500.

HOSM 3600. Meetings and Event Planning. Units: 3

The process of planning, developing, and coordinating a variety of meetings and events in hotels, clubs, convention centers, trade shows, and sports and entertainment venues. Topics include forecasting revenues, budget preparation, controlling expenses, contract negotiations, vendor selection, and supervising event personnel. Formerly MKTG 3600.

HOSM 4500. Hotel Operations Tactics and Strategies. Units: 3

Quarter Prerequisite: No prerequisites
Hotel Operations Tactics and Strategies (HOTS) is a business management simulation to operate a large hotel where students develop technical and decision-making skills to increase market share, maximize revenues and increase profitability. A hotel's financial results depend on its ability to construct, promote and deliver a competitive price/value proposition to the marketplace. Student teams compete in a virtual environment that leads to critical thinking outcomes in the areas of operations, communications, revenue management, strategic planning, teamwork and career readiness. Formerly MKTG 4500.

HOSM 5100. Innovation in Hospitality. Units: 3

Concept creation and development of a restaurant, hotel, or tourism-related venue in the design of a business model that aligns with industry standards. The curriculum will explore the latest trends and innovations in business and industry through case studies and interactive seminars with owners and operators.

HOSM 6200. Hospitality Services Management. Units: 3

Human resource management and organizational behavior in systems and quality assurance for coordinating the management of services. Service management and guest service theories and best practice strategies will be reviewed as well as leadership and motivational theories towards efficiency and optimization in the service delivery process.

HOSM 6300. Contemporary issues in Hospitality and Tourism. Units: 3

Contemporary local and global issues and advanced topics in hospitality and tourism will be explored in areas such as technology, sustainability, sustainable tourism development, wellness, and social business. Learning to work in teams on problem-based, consultancy projects is a valued real-world skill in the labor-intensive hospitality industry. The required project in this course will be evaluated by business owners and/or operators related to the project topic.