Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Global Cultures

(Program Code: AHGC)

The study of art history equips and empowers students with acute visual literacy, tools for intellectual discovery, and deep understanding and mastery of the political and social significance of art in the global and historical context (including contemporary art and design produced in diverse cultures) through introduction and implementation of research and scholarship.

The BA in Art History & Global Cultures prepares and qualifies students for meaningful and rewarding careers after university, in such areas as gallery and museum occupations, archives and libraries of the visual arts, non-profit arts organizations, governmental and NGO arts funding bodies, arts journalism and  communications, advertising and marketing industries, as well as preparing many students for post-graduate study in art history and related fields.

Requirements (48-50 units)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Art History & Global Cultures

(Program Code: AHGC)

Lower-Division Requirements: (18)
AH 1103Art History Methodologies 13
AH 1104Art History Methodologies 23
AH 1120Globalization, Art, and Visual Culture 3
AH 1221Art History Foundations 13
AH 1222Art History Foundations 23
ART 2260Beginning Photography3
Choose one course from: (3)3
2D Foundation: Line, Color and Composition
3D Foundation: Form, Space & Time
Introduction to Drawing and Life Drawing
Creative Technology for Artists
Or, one Beginning-level Studio Art course
Beginning Imaging and Illustration
Beginning Painting
Beginning Ceramics
Beginning Glass
Beginning Sculpture
Upper-Division Requirements: (27-29)
AH 3250Topics and Themes of Art History and Exhibitions3
AH 3310Asian Contemporary Art3
AH 3350Contemporary Art and Culture of the Americas3
AH 4250Art History Seminar 3
AH 5250Art History Capstone Research Seminar3
AH 5270Art History Capstone Research Methodology 3
AH 5290Art History Conference 3
Two language instruction courses in a single language other than English from the Department of World Languages and Literatures.6-8
Total Units48-50