Bachelor of Arts in Music

Any student accepted for admission to CSUSB can declare music as major and pursue the BA in Music degree.  Examinations and auditions are available for advanced placement only, not as an entrance requirement.

Applied instruction is available only to declared music majors. Students interested in applied composition (MUS 2460) will be required to complete one year of applied vocal or instrumental music instruction (MUS 1400-MUS 1450) as a prerequisite. Students in applied music technology (MUS 3480) will be required to complete two years of applied vocal or instrumental music instruction. (MUS 1400-MUS 1450 and MUS 2400-MUS 2450) as a prerequisite.

Students may enroll in a maximum of four units at any one collegiate level of applied instruction (MUS 1400- MUS 1450, MUS 2400-MUS 2460, MUS 3400-MUS 3480, or MUS 4400-MUS 4480). After four semesters at one level, students unable to satisfy completion requirements for that level will be counseled to select a major in a different discipline and will be denied enrollment in any higher level of applied instruction.

All students enrolled as full-time music majors in the BA in Music are required to participate each semester until graduation in a major performing ensemble most appropriate to a student's applied emphasis.

Placement in the B.A. in Music is based on:

  1.  a theory placement examination (proficiency in music fundamentals equal to that of MUS 1100 and MUS 1110),
  2. a piano proficiency audition, and
  3. an applied music audition (performance proficiency equal to collegiate applied music at the 1400-1450 level.

Requirements (55 units)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Music

(Program Code: MUS_)

Music Theory (20)
MUS 2120Music Theory I: Diatonic Harmony3
MUS 2125Musicianship I2
MUS 2130Music Theory II: Chromatic Harmony3
MUS 2135Musicianship II2
MUS 2140Music Theory III: Analysis of Musical Form3
MUS 2145Musicianship III2
MUS 2150Music Theory IV: 20th-21st Century Music Theory3
MUS 2155Musicianship IV2
Music History (12)
MUS 3040Western Music History to 17003
MUS 3050Western Music History from 1700 to 19003
MUS 3060Western Music History from 1900 to the present3
MUS 3500Global Music 13
Additional Requirements (23)
Piano proficiency must be demonstrated by completing one of the following:
MUS 2230Class Piano IV1
Or successful completion of credit by examination administered by the department.
MUS 2660Electronic Music Production3
Six units chosen from the student's area of study:6
MUS 1400-MUS 1450 (1000-level Applied Study)
MUS 2400-MUS 2460 (2000-level Applied Study)
MUS 3400-MUS 3460 (3000-level Applied Study)
Eight units chosen from:8
Large Music Ensemble
Symphony Orchestra
Symphonic Band
Concert Choir
Women's Chorus
Chamber Singers
Participation in one of the major performance organizations most appropriate to the student's applied emphasis is required each semester in residence with a maximum of eight units being applied to the major.
Four units of:4
Music Forum
MUS 5980Senior Project1
1. MUS 3500 double counts for General Education’s upper-division C-category requirement.
Total Units55