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Extend your Knowledge, Expand your Opportunities
The College of Extended and Global Education provides lifelong learning opportunities for different stages in your life ranging from high school, college, career to retirement. We also extend the resources of the university into the community, region, nation, and around the world.

Mission Statement
The College of Extended and Global Education is a catalyst for expanding access to education and professional development in a learner-centered environment, thereby fostering social mobility and economic development, both in the region and globally.

Vision Statement
The College of Extended and Global Education aspires to be recognized as a global leader for excellence in innovative education for diverse learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Certificate Programs

California State University, San Bernardino's College of Extended and Global Education offers high-quality courses and certificates programs of which may be completed online. Courses are led by expert instructors and university faculty with extensive knowledge in their fields.

Our online certificates are affordable, convenient, and designed for learners with busy lifestyles and in different stages of life. Beyond CSUSB online certificates, we offer over 300 more through qualified partners. CSUSB extends learning to the community, region, nation, and world.

In-service Credit for Training Programs

Schools, school districts, municipalities, and other organizations interested in planning special staff development programs may contact the College of Extended and Global Education to arrange for university credit. Training programs that meet academic criteria set forth by CSUSB can provide participants with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or extension credit (non-degree credit) that can be used toward school district requirements for professional development. The application process is simple and quick. For more information, call (909) 537-5976.

Workplace Training / Contract Programs / Customized Training

The College of Extended and Global Education provides training development programs, certificate programs and educational components for grants on a contractual basis for business (large and small), private industry, health care organizations, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.

In direct consultation with the participating organization, the College of Extended and Global Education develops custom-designed professional development programs, including language programs, to accelerate the professional effectiveness, productivity and problem-solving skills of the organization's staff. For more information, call (909) 537-3982.

Online Career Training Programs

The College of Extended and Global Education offers online continuing education programs and courses designed to provide the workforce skills necessary to acquire professional skills needed in many in-demand occupational areas such as business, education, health care, health sciences, education, electronic arts and information technology. The programs are designed to develop expertise in desired fields and/or prepare participants for industry certification exams.

In direct consultation with the participating organization, the College of Extended and Global Education develops custom-designed professional development programs, to improve the professional effectiveness, productivity and problem-solving skills of the organization's staff. For more information, call (909) 537-3982.

In addition, Extended and Global Education offers hundreds of individual online personal enrichment, skill-building and training courses in many subject areas. For more information, call (909) 537-5976.

Continuous Enrollment

University policy requires all graduate students to be continuously enrolled at CSUSB each semester until the awarding of the degree. CEGE, in partnership with the Office of Graduate Studies, offers Continuous Enrollment courses through Special Sessions whereby students who have completed all course work for their degree and are preparing for their comprehensive exam, thesis, project, or dissertation can enroll and maintain good standing with CSUSB. No credit is earned, but students are allowed to maintain their status in their graduate degree program. For more information, call (909) 537-5975.

Open University

Open University (also called “open enrollment”) allows non-matriculated/non-degree seeking individuals to enroll in regular university courses on a space-available basis. Most courses listed in the University catalog are open to non-matriculated students through the Open University program. Students may apply up to 24 semester units earned through Open University toward a bachelor's degree and 9 semester units toward a master's degree (subject to approval by the appropriate department).

Open University is designed for those who:

  • want to examine a particular field before seeking admission to the University and enrolling in a degree program;
  • want to improve their GPA in order to reenter an academic program;
  • want to update professional skills;
  • missed the deadline for admission to CSUSB;
  • have stopped attending CSUSB and wish to re-enter;
  • wish to take selected CSUSB courses that will transfer to another university; and/or
  • want to take a course for the enjoyment of learning.

Students who desire to enroll in Open University are required to obtain a registration form from the College of Extended and Global Education and the approval of the instructor. Graduate-level and education credential courses are not available through Open University, and certain other courses are restricted and require departmental approval. Matriculated students are not allowed to enroll concurrently in the Open University program.

Minimum Qualifications for Granting Exceptions to Open University Students Enrolling in Graduate-Level Courses:

To enroll in graduate level coursework at CSUSB, a student must meet the following conditions:

  1. Either have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution or be in the last year of an undergraduate degree program in an accredited institution,
  2. Have at least a 2.5 GPA overall or in the last 60 semester or 90 quarter units, and
  3. Meet the prerequisite requirements for the course by providing evidence of coursework or professional experience, which must be approved by the department in which the course is offered.

For more information, call (909) 537-5975.

Center for International Studies and Programs (CISP)

The Center for International Studies and Programs is the home of international education. CISP houses three primary departments: International Students and Scholars, Education Abroad, and Partnership Programs. The International Students and Scholars team provides support to international faculty, staff, and students who hold visas supported by CSUSB that apply to their stay in the United States, and provides educational workshops and programs for campus engagement and education. Education Abroad coordinates all education abroad programming for students seeking an educational experience in another country through custom faculty-led programs, direct-enrollment programs, or exchange programs. The Partnership Programs department coordinates support for all collaborations, supporting partners, students and faculty who participate in these special educational cooperative activities. Together, these offices provide guidance and support for international education opportunities for faculty, staff, and students at CSUSB.

Education Abroad

At CSUSB, students have many opportunities to study abroad or away for a summer, semester, full year, or winter intersession participating in a credit-bearing program or a non-credit experience such as volunteering, interning, or service-learning.  For more information visit the Education Abroad website or email

International Extension Programs

International Extension Programs (IEP) is a division within the College of Extended and Global Education that offers programs for international students and clients on a self-support basis. Participants from across the world attend IEP credit or non-credit courses and programs that can be customized in content and length.

IEP offers numerous program options in the area of intensive English language training, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Programs, International Training & Education Programs, and Study Abroad in the USA Programs. For more information visit the International Extension Programs website, call (909) 537-5978, or email

The English Language Program (ELP)

The English Language Program (ELP) is designed for international students, professionals or those seeking an intensive English experience focusing on reading, writing and listening/speaking, as well as an introduction to American culture. The program focuses on providing the academic English language skills needed to meet the requirements for admission into the university’s undergraduate or graduate programs. All students are required to take a three-part placement test upon entrance. The placement test consists of an oral interview, written composition and a standardized multiple-choice exam. Students are placed in a level of instruction based on the test results. ELP consists of 4 levels:

Level 1 Beginner

Students will study basic grammar concepts, develop writing skills, and become familiar with new vocabulary and spelling through reading, listening, and speaking exercises.  In addition, they will develop essay writing and conversational skills.

Level 2 Intermediate

Students will transition into the use of free expression to continue to acquire English skills used in intermediate writing assignments, conversation and reading.  Students will understand and accurately use basic and complex English structures and build on the writing process as they continue to develop their analysis, critical thinking, and summarizing skills.

Level 3 Advanced - Undergraduate Program Preparation

Through the improvement of their critical thinking skills as applied to written and oral academic research and argument, as well as the use of more complex vocabulary, students will attain the language needed for university study. Successful completion will waive the TOEFL requirement for undergraduate admission into CSUSB.

Level 4 Advanced II – Graduate Program Preparation

With a graduate program preparation focus, this level is designed to increase English proficiency through advanced research and essay writing, test intensive reading and oral presentations. Successful completion will waive the TOEFL requirement for admission to most graduate programs at CSUSB.

Academic Pathway Program (APP )

Academic Pathway Program (APP) provides an excellent opportunity for students who are serious about their academic goals, but do not meet admission requirements for California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) based on their high school Grade Point Average (GPA).

The program allows students to be conditionally admitted to a CSUSB undergraduate program with their high school GPA between 2.00 and 2.49. Students who successfully complete APP with a GPA of 2.75 or higher will be admitted to bachelor degree programs at CSUSB.

The APP is comprised of up to 30 units of academic credit classes. These classes are to fulfill general education requirements at CSUSB. Students typically enroll in eight classes over one academic year (fall and spring semesters). Classes may transfer towards undergraduate degree requirements.  

Study Abroad in the USA

Study Abroad in the USA program gives visiting international students an opportunity to take university courses that can be transferred to their home university. Participants come to CSUSB for one or several terms and take courses with American students.

TESOL Programs

The TESOL programs are designed for individuals who have a desire to work with children and/or adults who are learning English as a second language. IEP offers TESOL Teacher Training, 120-Hour TESOL Certificate Programs and Advanced TESOL Certificate Programs.

While the TESOL Teacher Training program is a one-month noncredit practice-focused program, the advanced TESOL Certificate Program provides an excellent foundation in TESOL practices, research, and theory. If participants decide they would like to pursue a master's in TESOL at CSUSB, the coursework in this advanced certificate program applies towards their degree. 

International Training & Education Programs

The International Training and Education Programs (ITEP) offer custom-designed programs for a variety of international participants ranging from high school students to government and corporate executives. Executives and managers in the public and private sectors from around the world attend management training, educational and other training programs. Through these programs, ITEP promotes business cooperation and educational and cultural exchanges. Many ITEP programs are designed for mid-career professionals and executives seeking training in various topics such as business and social etiquette, organizational practices and protocol, and corporate and government culture.

ITEP also offers advanced technology training for engineers and technicians in various industrial fields. ITEP training programs are designed to help international participants advance their careers while they obtain the skills necessary to obtain professional positions in many in-demand occupations. IEP can also design programs tailored to the individual group's specific needs. Programs are customized based on length, subjects, specific interests, needs and budget. Programs in English for specific purposes can be arranged to meet industry or academic needs.

MBA Preparatory Program 

This program is designed for international students preparing for admission into the MBA degree at CSUSB. The program is 9 months long and has three main areas of focus including English language skills, GMAT preparation and academic skills.

Summer Intensive Business English Program

The Summer Intensive Business English program is for learners seeking an intensive English language experience to enhance language skills and business knowledge. The program combines business English, industry visits and American culture.  

Camp Programs 

These programs are designed for international students, professionals or those just seeking to enhance their English language experience. It is focused on conversation and communication skills with a cultural immersion component such as field trips to nearby areas of interest.