College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

A. Rafik Mohamed, Dean
Pam Schram, Associate Dean
Deborah Parsons, Assistant Dean
Thomas Long, Assistant Dean

Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, Room 207
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Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts

Graduate Degree

Master of Arts

Master of Science


Aerospace Studies

  • Ethnic Studies 
  • with specializations in:
    • General Ethnic Studies
    • African American Studies
    • Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies
    • Chicano(a)/Latino(a) Studies
    • Native American/Indigenous People Studies
  • Ethnic Studies - Chicana/o/x, Latina/o/x Studies
    • Co-Coordinator: Yumi Pak
    • Co-Coordinator: Thomas Long

Ethnicity is an interdisciplinary study of American nationality and race, and utilizes knowledge from the humanities and social sciences to explore issues and experiences. Faculty teaching in the program represent the wide diversity of these disciplines. The study of American ethnicity and race is designed to enhance the understanding of a multicultural and multiracial society in the United States.

The Ethnic Studies Coordinator oversees the program including academic advising and mentoring of students. Collaborative efforts between students and faculty may result in research proposals, data compilation, joint professional papers for academic conferences, and joint publications.

Governed by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the coordinator works closely with an Advisory Council whose members are drawn from the faculty of several colleges as well as students and staff.

The university offers a minor and certificate program in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, overseen by the Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The course work provides students with a broad introduction to Middle Eastern Studies, creating a foundation for students to pursue advanced study or possible employment in related fields. The curriculum is multidisciplinary, bringing together a diverse faculty of specialists from the departments of Anthropology, Communication Studies, History, Humanities, Political Science and World Languages and Literatures. Core courses focus on the politics, culture and history of the Middle East. Students then select courses in a variety of fields that reflect the dynamic inter-relationship of cultures in the Middle East.